5th of July 2015                 

What about P G Bowen
in a Concern for Truth?

By Susan Fox

Some time ago in 1982 I came across The True Occult Path in a bookshop. I bought it on impulse little knowing the immense influence it would have on my life. This small booklet not only illuminated my whole view of life but it led me to Douglas Western, who had organised the reprinting of this valuable work. He introduced me to Bowen's two major works The Occult Way and Sayings of The Ancient One.

       Douglas had studied P G Bowen's teaching for over 50 years and his knowledge and insight inspired and guided me until his death in 1990. He is still greatly missed although his letters continue to be a source of help and wisdom.

       To quote Douglas:

”In 1936 I joined the TS library to read in one year as many as possible of the 10 000 books, and pick out two or three for closer study. Blind chance or providence decreed that The Occult Way by P G Bowen should attract me, and when opened showed up as something unique — the work of one who 'knows', since when it has been my guide, philosopher and friend” ........

       ”Why, it is often asked are the words of the teacher so vague and paradoxical; and why does he say so much about what has to be achieved and so little about how to achieve? In The Occult Way and nowhere else is to be found the help needed by the student floundering with these injunctions. . . . Every sentence is charged with meaning and reveals an inner knowledge which is rare indeed.”

       ”Reading should be no mere reading – but an experience – accompanied by inner shocks, tensions and resolutions.” — Douglas Western, 1900-1990.

Sadly, although both The Occult Way and Sayings of The Ancient One (First published in 1939) were reprinted by the TS in 1978 and 1985 – largely due to the efforts of Hugh Gray, Erica Lauber and Douglas – today in 2015 they are not well known and not readily available.

       The articles and The Way of a Pilgrim which are included on this website are in the process of being reprinted in book form and we try to keep some copies of The Occult Way and Sayings of the Ancient One available to purchase for those who are interested. Please email us for further details.

       The works of PGB possess a clear and timeless vitality, a light of truth which stimulates and encourages every student to think for themselves, directing them to work on their own understanding of life, and of their own nature as an intrinsic part of the indivisible whole.

       P G Bowen's work deserves to stand side by side with the classics of TS literature and those of us who have learned so much from the seven lessons and from all he has written are making a renewed effort to promote his books.

       We can only hope to bring to other potential students our own profound appreciation and enthusiasm for the unfolding wisdom and inspiration to be discovered in his teaching. — Susan.

”The Neophyte does not select his School, and his teacher: he is born a member of the one, and the child of the other long before he becomes a conscious Learner. Very many in these Western lands are unconscious Neophytes of the Order to which these lessons belong, and through their study may cease to be unconscious”.
Sayings of The Ancient One, P. G. Bowen.

* * *